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Carpet Tiles Supply & Install Sydney


the benefits

Considering carpet tiles?

These are a few of the benefits of this modular flooring solution. For more information

our range

We have a huge selection of carpet tiles available which we can work into your existing space. Whether you want a uniform look, or a variation in colour and pattern, carpet tiles will definately suit your style.

save money

While carpet tiles might be typically more expensive than equivalent amounts of broadloom carpet, installation and ongoing upkeep costs mean this modular style of flooring may be cheaper in the long run.

reduce waste

Installation typically produces about 80% less waste than regular carpet. With carpet tiles the installation waste drops to less than 4%, compared to 13% with typical carpet. Less waste means less material and cost.

easy repair

All flooring suffers wear over time, and accidents happen . Carpet tiles, unlike typical broadloom carpet, is easily and cheaply repaired by replacing just those tiles which are damaged. No more join marks.